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Cuesta EMT Students donate AEDs

Cuesta EMT Students donate AEDs to ECHO El Camino Homeless Organization facilitated by the Public Safety Development Group and AEDs for Hearts. 12/21/2022.

Erin Brown, Julie Marshall, Caine Marshall (Portola Built Construction), Meghan Calmere, Osie Reyes, Ali Marshall, Mimi Rodriguez (ECHO), Wyatt Marshall (Cuesta EMT), Logan Knuckles (Cuesta EMT), David Kline (Cuesta EMT), Lauren Lepe (Cuesta EMT), Michael Smiley (Public Safety Development Group), Joan Reilly (AEDs for Hearts).

Representatives from Cambria Professional Firefighters, IAFF Local 4635 and the Public Safety Development Group joined members of the Taylor-Triggs family in delivering scholarships to several of the twelve (12) Cambria students who received the Liam Alexander Taylor Scholarship for 2023.  6/1/2023.

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Liam Alexander Taylor Scholarship 

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