Partnerships and Links

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AMSchultzdesign: Amy Shultz 

Local Graphic Designer from Cal Poly, Amy created the logos and organizational charts found on our website.

AEDs for Hearts: Joan Reilly

AEDs for Hearts is dedicated to making the Central Coast a heart safe community.  Their goal is to place AEDS where folks gather, demonstrate how AEDs operate, ensure AEDs are maintained and the people nearby trained.  100% of profits go to local charities, either as direct donations or sponsorships.

Coastal Wellness Connections: Kelly Perkins 

Coastal Wellness Connections is a local non-profit that strives to connect and foster wellness in the community. As a non-profit, they will not only provide resources to families and teachers by way of connecting members of the community with advocates and resources to help them with their specific needs, but they will also grow to provide low to no-cost community parenting groups, and family connection mixers, as well as mental health education to teachers and educators in the community.

Spartan Tactical Solutions: Steve Odom

Spartan Tactical Solutions is the Central Coast premier firearms training. Their mission is to provide high quality training to civilians, law enforcement and military clients. At Spartan Training Solutions, they specialize in private and small group firearms training. Their experienced instructors are dedicated to helping you improve your shooting skills and reach your full potential.